Today Vision Internet, specializing in supplying high-speed broadband internet connectivity that will facilitate customers with high-speed Internet Service. The prime objective of Today Vision Internet is to develop a Local Internet network in the district Feni, of Bangladesh , that is an integral part for the success of today’s business.
Today Vision Internet takes pride in being the leading provider of high-performance Optical Fiber connection that gives its client high-speed bandwidth capabilities, combined with industry-leading performance and reliability. We give our clients the best value Internet service when client need it, It's our vision to be the broadband provider of choice in the country, and part of that vision is our commitment to help our customers, future-proof their businesses through non-stop upgrades and improvements in our network and service, thereby giving our clients the fastest, most reliable Internet experience.
Fully redundant & high-capacity network. Through direct fiber optic upstream connections, with strategically-designed network infrastructure,
Always-on, Round-the-clock Reliability. Our systematized network monitoring and highly competent technical support teams work together to meet the strictest demands of our clients. In order for us to guarantee the highest network availability possible, we have put into place round- the-clock Network Operation Centers and monitoring service which keep track of all the vital parameters necessary to keep tab of our network well-being. At the same time, we have engineer’s on-call 24X7 to ensure that in case there is a problem it can be resolved in the most expedient way possible.
Guaranteed bandwidth packages with high-speed burstability. Allows instantaneous bursts! Today Vision Internet offers guaranteed Internet bandwidth up to the first mile with the ability to burst to as much as twice the speed! Unlike the CIR (Committed Interface Rate) given by other Telecommunication companies and Internet Providers which only guarantees information rate within their network, Today Vision Internet guarantees bandwidth not just in our network but also in our direct gateway to the Internet.
Cost-efficient rates. Our rates are designed to be a cheaper alternative to a purely dedicated connectivity. The burstable feature of our service allows users the flexibility to utilize higher than the subscribed CIR when you need it without paying extra.
99% Network Availability. With its dynamically-routed looped network topology, our clients are assured of round-the-clock network availability and super fast Internet service. Our strategically- located MAN sites or base stations are interconnected by carrier-grade radios and highly-reliable flash-based routers, which means that no base station will get isolated from the rest of the network
Overview- Specifications & Features by Today Vision Internet
1 First Mile Redundant Connectivity through different pathway
2 Guaranteed Uptime of 99% with SLA (Service Level Agreement)
3 Today Vision Internet distinguished features are below:
• 24x7 service support from Today Vision Internet NMC (Network Management Center).
Dedicated Bandwidth:
Today Vision Internet ensures every client with end-to-end dedicated bandwidth as per contract with the client. Frame relay packet switching offers this unique feature. It is one of the great advantages of Frame Relay Packet Switching Technology that Today Vision Internet is using for data communication in Bangladesh.
Stability & Power back up:
Today Vision Internet network infrastructure is based on most reliable infrastructure, carrier grade equipments, and communication protocol and network topology. Infrastructure is supported with high standard infrastructure with stable telecom DC power supply. All backbone equipments have redundant power supply module for auto switching in case of one power module failure. Backbone communication protocol is frame relay technology, which is one of the reliable communication protocols for data communication. Total network backbone is Summit Communications Ltd. fiber optics with a mixture of point-to-point and ring topology In addition, generators are available to supply power. In special cases, mobile generators are supplied, where generators are not available.
Availability and Fail-over:

Today Vision Internet network is designed taking into consideration maximum availability in terms of backbone network and last mile.
With Today Vision Internet fully flexible network infrastructure client can incorporate new nodes into their network with little changes on their part. Addition of a new node requires a wireless link to connect that node to Today Vision Internet POP and then separate channels from this node to each other node has to be configured on the Today Vision Internet backbone switch. This completes the logical connection of the new node with the existing ones. The routing table and firewall script of the existing nodes have to be updated to include the IP segment of the new node.
Network Support Arrangements and Disaster Recovery of Today Vision Internet

Support Arrangement:
Today Vision Internet will dedicate a Project Engineer for client who will be responsible for maintaining and managing the entire its network. He will be available 24 hours on phone and will allocate necessary resources to troubleshoot the problem. Over and above this a 3-layered support will be provided